Good news, you can still purchase XYO Tokens and be a part of the future! The price of XYO Tokens increases every 50,000,000 sold, so the sooner you buy, the cheaper it will be. The purpose of this is to get you started on buying your first XYO Tokens! The first thing you need to do is install the Chrome extension, Metamask. Metamask allows the Chrome browser to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain and allow you to transact using an ERC20 compatible wallet address. Make sure you install the latest and official version, which can be found anytime here: https://metamask.io/.

Once Metamask has been installed, you should see a cute little orange fox in your Google Chrome toolbar (next to the address bar in the upper right corner). Click on the icon and follow the easy setup process. Make sure to write down your "Seed Words" in a safe place, it will be necessary to remember them in order for you to always be able recover your XYO Tokens. Once completed it should look something like this:

In order to buy XYO Tokens, you need Ethereum (ETH). The easiest way to obtain ETH is to simply click the orange “BUY” button on Metamask and follow the steps. This will route you to coinbase, and if you would like to buy ETH using a cryptocurrency, you can do that too! If Eth is purchased or held in a different wallet, you can always send ETH to your address that you wish to buy XYO Tokens with (public key).

Once you have bought ETH it should show up in your wallet (Metamask) quickly (a matter of minutes or sooner). Make sure to be patient. Once you have ETH in your account it should look something like this:

Now you are ready to buy your first XYO Tokens! Visit https://get.xyo.network/ to do so. Once there, you will see the conversion rate of ETH to XYO.

From there, locate and and click the purple “GET XYO TOKENS NOW” button. This will initate the simple, three step process.

You first must complete something called KYC (Know Your Consumer) in order to purchase XYO Tokens. This process should only take a few seconds. Make sure to fill out all of information fields accordingly. The last field asks you to Enter your Local Ethereum Wallet Address that you will be using to purchase your XYO tokens. This is the wallet address you intend to purcahse XYO Tokens with and ties your KYC application to your Metamask wallet. (Read more below)

Please note that your Ethereum wallet address is just like any account number, like your your email address with Paypal or your checking account number with your bank. This is where funds and tokens are both sent to, and sent out of. To get your wallet address from Metamask, simply click the 3 dots in the upper right corner within Metamask, and click “Copy Address to Clipboard.” You can then paste it in the KYC form along with the rest of your filled information and click submit.

Assuming all has cleared, you can follow the guide on the purchase page on how to add the XYO Token to Metamask. Don't worry, you do not need to complete a KYC form every time you want to purchase XYO, you can just visit the link from the website to purchase as many XYO Tokens as you would like as long as you are using the same ETH wallet address! Now onto the fun part- purchasing XYO! If you followed the steps above this should be a breeze. Simply type in the amount of ETH you wish to exchange and click submit!

Congratulations, you now own XYO!

To view your XYO Tokens in Metamask: Make sure you entered the XYO Token address into Metamask once you have purchased XYO Tokens. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you still have XYO Tokens in your wallet, you just can't see them in Metamask. To fix this, follow the guide under the purchase form on the purchase page.