XYO Network Takes Blockchain Offline With Decentralized Location-Verification System

Forbes - 4/9/2018

The XYO Network combines location innovations with blockchain developments to introduce the first decentralized location-verification system and make it possible for smart contracts to access the real world.

[블록체인 이모저모] XYO 네트워크, 차세대 교통 관리를 위한 스마트 시티 모델

金色财经 - 5/4/2018

교통이 마비되는 상황을 타개하기 위한 해결책 수요는 지속 발생하고 있는 상황이다. 이에 따라, 여러 획기적인 대책들이 도출되고 있다. 해결 방안 중 하나는 XYO 네트워크(XYO Network)에서 개발 중인 블록체인 기술이다.

XYO Network Drivers Sweep Races Over the Weekend

Speedway Digest - 4/30/2018

The XYO Network announces today that their brand ambassadors had an incredible weekend with two first place finishes, once second place, and one nerve...


Forbes | 4/27/2018

几周前,XYO Network举办了一场黑客马拉松。在XYO区块链上,120位开发人员就圣地亚哥市提供的数据,开发出各种停车和交通流量的应用程序。在这里,汽车就是一个“哨兵”,带有各自的位置验证设备,这些哨兵将与停车计时器和红绿灯相连,从而为司机提供停车位的信息。


财经频道 | 4/25/2018

区块链能够填补系统漏洞。由此可见,采用该技术并使其充分落地,极为重要。电子商务产业革命蓄势待发,XYO network携手区块链技术,一马当先。全新的消费体验,值得零售商和消费者们拭目以待。

XYO Network Strengthens Crypto-Location Tech Portfolio With the Acquisition of GEO

Forbes - 3/16/2018

In a move that strengthens San Diego-based XYO Network as a leader in the development of crypto-location technology, the company has recently acquired GEO.

XYO Network: Taking the Blockchain to the Real World

Cryptovest - 3/26/2018

XYO Network solves the problem of storing and verifying locations, making a physical-world usage for the blockchain.

XYO Networks appoints Collete Davis as brand ambassador

The Drum - 3/24/2018

XYO Network's blockchain crypto-location oracle network, has appointed racer Collete Davis as an ambassador and spokesperson.

XYO Network Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Virtual Strategy Magazine - 3/28/2018

XYO Network today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world's largest open source blockchain initiative with more than 400 member companies.

What Is XYO Cryptocurrency?

The Merkle - 3/21/2018

XYO Network uses blockchain technology in an offline manner to focus on location verification...

How XYO network can help solve a $2 billion problem for the travel industry

AMB Crypto - 3/22/2018

The XYO network is the first of its kind, offering a location focused blockchain...


Wen Wei Po - 3/14/2018


XYO Network Decentralizes $11 Trillion Dollar Location-Reliant Trade Markets

NBC 12 - 3/25/2018

XYO is blockchain’s first crypto-location oracle network...

XYO Network rafforza il portfolio tecnologico Crypto-Location con l'acquisizione di GEO

Altcoin News - 3/19/2018

XYO Network ha recentemente acquisito GEO. La società GEO e il team dietro di esso hanno attratto per la prima volta l'attenzione di XYO Network durante EthDenver, uno dei più grandi hackaton di Ethereum negli Stati Uniti ...

Review: XYO Network ICO – The End of The “Porch Pirates”

Blokt - 3/22/2018

There is a word for the jerks stealing delivered packages from our doorsteps: it’s “Porch Pirates.”...

XYO Network Strengthens Crypto-Location Tech Portfolio with the Acquisition of GEO

Chipin - 3/19/2018

The XYO Network takes Blockchain Offline and into the Real World with its Decentralized Location-Verification System...

XYO brings blockchain to the real world

Smart Cities World - 3/11/2018

Company’s main goal is to develop location-based technologies that connect the digital world to the physical world...